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Anaerobic Digestion Food Processor

Full service construction quality assurance field inspection during the construction of a 30-million gallons per day Anaerobic digester. The system is complete with state of the art civil, mechanical, electrical and biochemical process for enhanced biogas production, collection and renewable energy cogeneration.

Visalia Landfill Expansion Title 27

G02CQA was contracted by the engineer of record to provided full time Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) Inspection, and monitoring services as directed by the State of California. Our scope of work consisted of inspection and documenting over 1.3 million square feet of 60-mil HDPE geomembrane liner - doubled lined containment, equipped with leak detection, leachate collection and conveyance systems. A fully monitored Title 27 State of California project.

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BSR Cable and Surf Park

After spending many years in the environmental containment inspection business, involved in projects for the mines, landfills, and sewer treatment plant sectors, it was a rewarding challenge to be involved in another man-made wave pool geomembrane containment project. BSR is the second man-made wave generation "liner system" we inspected by G02CQA. Here, G02CQA worked directly with the owner to review liner system section profile, material selections, liner ballast systems and underliner venting components. 

KS Wave Co Surf Ranch Man-Made Surf Park

What a challenge and privilege to be  part of an historic event. KS Wave Co. has change the surfing landscape and we assisted by providing a sound solution to his containment needs. Dealing with wave energy and forces unlike our typical liner environment, we were challenged to inspect the installed liner system to withstand unknown conditions. Working collectively with KS engineers, we evolved construction means and methods to exceed their expectations. 

Cal Poly Reclaim Pond liner and Cover Replacement

Full Service Inspection - floating tension cover system, construction inspection CQA services for the Cal Poly Reclaim Water Storage Reservoir. G02CQA support the Engineer of Record through construction providing a key role in the overall project success. The tension floating cover material is CSPE, as manufacturers by Burke Ind. and the baseline system is 45-mil RPE, as manufactured by Raven Ind.   

Maerkle Reservoir Floating Cover Replacement Project

Floating cover consists of 900,000 sf 45-mil, scrim reinforced CSPE weight tensioned floating cover with four submersible pumps as the primary rainwater removal system. Floating cover was installed over an existing hydraulic asphalt lining. Project included replacement of outlet valves, chemical injection system improvements, circulation mixers, replacement of inlet butterfly valve, and replacement of three slide gates all located within the reservoir and below the floating cover.


G02CQA was the project lead CQA and involved throughout the entire project during construction. G02CQA performed all field third-party inspection, testing, and documentation to ensure that all materials and workmanship met or exceeded the technical specifications. All CSPE geomembrane liner seam trials welds were visually inspected, tested and documented for the records. All subgrade surfaces to received geomembrane were visually inspected for a clean surface and approved daily. Deployment activities were monitored by G02CQA to ensure proper means and methods are achieved and no geomembrane was damaged during operations. G02CQA provided daily inspection reports that capture all field installation activities to ensure compliance. Worked with installation staff to ensure compliance with the plans.

Morro Reservoir Rehabilitation Project

Morro Reservoir is a 150 million gallon potable water storage reservoir which is part of Rainbow Water District’s distribution system. The geomembrane liner is a 60-mil reinforced CSPE liner with a 275-mil composite drainage course and under-drain leak collection system. The floating cover consists of 550,000 sf of 45-mil reinforced CSPE geomembrane material. The floating cover is weight tensioned with four submersible pumps as the primary rainwater removal system. Project also included modifications to the existing inlet/outlet pipe, new submerged emergency valve inside reservoir, extension of inlet pipes to enhance reservoir circulation, replacement of control valves outside reservoir, site drainage improvements, rinse water system, and site paving. 


G02CQA was the lead CQA officer during all cover and liner installations. All liner means and methods for deployment and welder were monitored and approved by the CQA prior to production. All field activities were documented and reported for compliance with the technical specifications. All field QC testing by the contractor were monitored and documented to prove compliance with permit conditions and the technical specifications. All field documentation was compiled into a final construction report for State approval.

Lamb Weston Tension Floating Cover and Lining Project CM/CQA

Provide full time Construction Management and CQA Inspection (CM&I) services on a new anaerobic digester an 80-million-gallon wastewater treatment process. The anaerobic digester processes over 3-million-gallon day of raw-effluent “potato waste” processed and treated thermally with temperature and mixing control to create useable biogas. G02CQA performed field engineering and CQA inspection services direct to the owner. Responsibilities included all CQA Inspection for heavy civil and mechanical construction to ensure compliance to the approved plan and specs. Geomembrane material MQA evaluation and approvals before liner installation, approval for lining subgrade and subsurface to be lined. QA/QC inspection for soils placement and compaction, concrete reinforcing steel placement and concrete placement, 12”, 24”, 32” SST piping, valves and vaults. Over 2.5 million SF of geomembrane liner for the base-liner and tension floating cover system.

San Elijo E.Q. Basins New Tension Floating Cover Replacement

Provide full time Construction Management and CQA Inspection (CM&I) services on two (2) Flow EQ Basins for the San Elijo Reclamation Facility. Scope work as designed included interior reservoir floor repairs to the asphaltic paving crack repairs, new reservoir inlet piping and outlet pipes and valves, new yard piping, rinse lines. Liner and cover consist of 500,000 sf XR5 reinforced geomembrane for the floors and slopes and new tension floating cover system. The tension floating was designed by Doug Hilts (HCG) and constructed by CLSI/Raven. G02CQA provided full-time field CQA inspection on all aspects of construction. All work completed and approved on schedule and budget.

Lane County

Lane County contracted with Thiel Engineering and G02CQA for the design and field CM and CQA services for their leachate reservoirs in Lane County, Oregon. The scope of work consisted of construction administration services, field engineering services and post service service for the new 150 MGD leachate storage ponds completed lined with a CSPE 50-mil, reinforced geomembrane as manufactured by Burke Industries, base-liner system and tension floating cover system. G02CQA performed full time field inspection on the 50-mil CSPE installation and was responsible for all field documentation services, reporting services and field liaison between owner and contractors to ensure a successful constructed project to meet and exceed project requirements. G02CQA monitored and approved the contractors welding techniques, means and methods and final testing and evaluation. All project field documentation was compiled into a final construction report for the engineer of records and owner. 

Lake Forest Park

G02CQA is under contract with the City of Seattle to provide field CQA resident engineering and Construction management Services during several potable water reservoir rehabilitation construction projects. The LFP floating covers are designed by HCG Doug Hilts and constructed by Layfield USA. In total the baseliner is over 1 million SF while the floating cover system is approximately 1 million SF. G02CQA was invited back for Phase 2 to work with SPU on the West reservoir which is under construction.

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