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Shannon Goodrich
Founder and Principal

Founder of GO2CQA, Shannon Goodrich has dedicated his entire professional career to environmental containment construction inspection for geosynthetic man-made products including reinforced/non reinforced geomembranes, GCL, Geocomposites. From landfills to anaerobic digesters to man-made wave pools, we have provided skilled inspection to document compliance. Our inspection program is proven successful on many challenging liner systems.

G02CQA was Established in 2010 to fill an important role - to assist design engineers and owners with their third party geosynthetics construction quality assurance (CQA) inspections, and documentation services. The geomembrane industry has historically manufactured and installed geomembrane liner systems with little to no special inspections and testing. Today that has changed and third party CQA is a vital part of the construction process.


Design engineers, owners and regulatory agencies require skilled field CQA inspection to ensure that the approved and permitted project plans and technical specification are achieved in-full and that all components of the geomembrane liner system are 100% defendable and all warranties are executed. G02CQA is a world leader in containment structure CQA and has the experience in all geomembrane products, non-reinforce and reinforced and geosynthetics engineering.


We specialize in construction geomembrane liner inspection CQA/CQC as they relate to water storage reservoirs, wastewater treatment storage and treatment, solid waste, mining expansions and closures, agricultural, anaerobic digester systems and biogas floating covers and man-made wave parks and lagoons. 

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